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THE WEDDING DAY TIMELINE Welcome to my wedding day timeline tips! There are so many things that brides worry about when it comes to planning their wedding. I mean let’s be real. You have been stressed for possibly a whole year planning everything down to the smallest detail. It has to be perfect! This is […]

Wedding planning tips

August 7, 2019


wedding day timeline tips
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First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Now what? Let’s talk about the wedding budget and my guide to know the breakdown. The hard conversations First thing is first. This will likely be the most difficult part of planning. So let’s get it out of the way! It’s time to sit down with your fiancé […]

Wedding planning tips

July 31, 2019

Wedding Budget Guide

bride and groom in field
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After you are engaged it is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of wedding planning. I want to help set some order back in your life! I have created the perfect wedding planning timeline to make your life easier! This is such an exciting time in your life and you deserve to […]

Wedding planning tips

July 24, 2019

The Perfect Wedding Planning Timeline

The perfect wedding planning timeline
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Now that you have decided on a wedding budget, you can start looking at venues. The venue will be the largest portion of your budget, not to mention where all of the magic will take place. Here is kind of an “umbrella tip”, do your research and choose wisely! Here are 10 tips for booking […]

Wedding planning tips

July 19, 2019

Tips for Booking a Wedding Venue

tips for booking a wedding venue
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After you have been officially declared husband and wife, it’s time to let loose and have some fun with your family and friends at the wedding reception. This is YOUR time to unwind and let loose; all of the planning and worry has paid off and now you can (hopefully!) enjoy yourself with some delicious […]

Wedding planning tips

July 16, 2019

Wedding Day Regrets To Avoid

Wedding day regrets to avoid
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So, the time has come and now you are asking yourself, how do I start planning a wedding? You must have asked this to yourself after the high of engagement went down a couple of notches. The excitement is still there, don’t get me wrong. I mean you do have a shiny, sparkly ring on […]

Wedding planning tips

July 11, 2019

How do I start planning a wedding?

bride and groom posing in field